Retrograde Ejaculation


  • In some men, the semen passes back into the bladder at ejaculation - this is confirmed by examination of a sample of post-ejaculatory urine.
  • The man must take sodium bicarbonate the day before, and the day of, his appointment – to alkalinize his urine.
  • Before collection, he should pass urine and then wait until he feels there is some urine in his bladder before masturbating.
  • He then collects a urine sample for analysis.
  • Assess volume and pH of the urine.
  • Centrifuge (600g for 10 min), resuspend pellets to a total of 20ml with sperm buffer + protein.
  • Re-spin, resuspend pellets and combine – add buffer to a final volume of 1ml.
  • Perform a standard semen analysis with this suspension.