Semen Analysis


Semen Collection Room

  • We provide special collection room for collection of semen
  • This room is located in a quiet part of the unit.
  • Collection room is comfortable, large enough to accommodate two people ( Couple)
  • Furnished with necessary material to aid production of semen.

Semen Analysis ( Semen examination )

We can perform a complete semen analysis in our on-site laboratory. Please call us to schedule your appointment. We ask you to provide a semen sample on-site through masturbation in a private room. Results are available after 2-4 hr.

Indian Spermtech Sperm Bank uses guidelines established by the World Health Organization -1999 to evaluate fertility. The following factors are measured.

Semen Analysis done by fully automatic sperm quality analyzer - SQA II-C-P ( MES- Israel )

Volume: An average ejaculate is at least 2 ml in volume.

Viscosity is the rate at which semen liquefies. Semen is initially thick and viscous; the thicker the semen, the more difficult it is for sperm to travel. The desired viscosity is +1 on a scale of +1 to +4, with liquefaction complete within 10 - 30 minutes of ejaculation.

pH: Semen is an alkaline body fluid, with a normal pH in the range of 7.2 to 8.0.

Sperm Count measures the actual number of both motile and non-motile sperm in every 1 ml of semen. Motile sperm are live, swimming sperm. A normal range is at least 20 million total sperm per ml.

Motility expresses the percent of motile sperm expresses the percent of motile sperm.

Sperm motility is assessed by categorisation into four groups of motility at 37°C:

  • Rapid progressive (a) : ≥ 25 μm/s
  • Sluggish progressive (b): 5-24 μm/s
  • Non progressive (c) ≤ 5 μm/s
  • Immotile sperm (d)

Provide additional parameter

  • Motile sperm concentration (mil./ml.)
  • Functional sperm concentration. ( FSC ) mil./ml.
    TFSC value is an integrative form of three main parameters like sperm count(mil/ml), % progressive motility and % normal morphologies as per guidelines of the WHO. which reflects the comprehensive overall status of semen sample and its fertilization potential
    SMI measure number of motile sperms multiplies them with their forward progressive speed. (MacLeod J. Fertil Steril 16:735:1965.)
    TFSC. mil./ml. at Examination Time , After 1st hr. and After 2nd hr.

Total in Sample:( Per Ejaculate )

  • Total Sperm Count
  • Total Motile Sperm Concentration
  • Total Functional Sperm Concerntration

If results below the normal range

  • If one semen analysis produces results below the normal range, we’d suggest having one or two more semen analyses to get an accurate evaluation of your fertility potential
  • Schedule these repeat analyses after three to six days abstinence period

Semen Collection Instructions for Semen Analysis.

Methods » Semen specimens should be collected by MASTURBATION ONLY into a clean, wide-mouth container. Our lab prefers that you collect in our collection rooms.
» Do not use a condom for collection and do not use creams or lubricants during the collection.
Where? The specimen must be collected at INDIAN SPERMTECH. to allow it to be analysed and processed immediately. You may collect the specimen at home as long as you can deliver it to the INDIAN SPERMTECH. With in 30 min. (Do NOT refrigerate the specimen or allow its temperature to rise above body temperature before delivery.)
Container A sterile plastic specimen Container, supplied by your doctor or INDIAN SPERMTECH.
Sexual Abstinence According to Advised by your doctor or  between three to six days should have elapsed since your last ejaculation before collection of semen for analysis.
Results Same day
When? Monday – Saturday ( 08:30 am to 07:00 pm )

The container should be labeled with the following information:

  • Your Full Name & Your Partner
  • Date & Time of Collection
  • Your Doctor’s Name
  • Method of Collection of the Specimen
  • It is important that the entire ejaculate is collected. If collection is incomplete, please inform to lab.
  • Your Last Ejaculation